Dakini Records is a Tokyo-based artist-owned label which has been dedicated to releasing beautiful ethno-electronic ambient & dub sounds since 1998. The label was formed by Gio Makyo in response to the lack of labels that “got” that sound and has served as a home for like-minded artists for over a decade. Dakini has released full-length albums by Makyo, Ishq, Adham Shaikh, Jairamji, Toires, Lumin, Drumspyder, Jaia, Padmasana, and Puff Dragon, while artists like Karsh Kale, Greg Hunter, Badawi and Gus Till have also contributed tracks to the ever-popular Sky Dancing and Tribal Matrix compilation series. The latest release was 2012’s “Purnima” by Makyo, with several new releases planned for 2013.