For you to have a ping pong perfect skill you have to have the correct body movement in a bid to have the correct ball response and hitting skills. A good tennis table must be weather-Resistant design to allow for outdoor ping pong game. At the same time, the upper side of the table must be made of rubber that uses wood to support the bouncing effect.

In the World Championships, you are attracted by the dub sounds of the players in the game. This is a secret weapon, just like in the boxing game where you have to release air as your opponent; the ethno-electronic ambient is what defines the ping pong spot.

How will you get to hit the ball in just a simple hit, your opponent will use that weakness to your disadvantage. In the beginning, you learn the rules of the game. The sound effect will come automatically as a reflex action when you hit the ball with force.

The sound effect come from contact with the ball and the tennis table. This comes because of the rubber lining of the butt and the paddle. Have you watched a game and the whole arena is silent, only th sound of the ball is heard in an echo. Before it even lands, the spectators hold their breath in disbelief. The sound effect is an anxiety feeling of the force and the physical intensity of the players.

A video table tennis game is incomplete with the sound system. In fact, the developers vary the sounds to accommodate your intensity and the moves of your opponents. If you have an extra strength from the ball within the video game, when you get a win the sound system is different compared to when you just play at a low level.

The premium level so the game fine the intensity in a clear manner. Anyway, this is the point they differentiate the novices from the expert in the game. The sound from a ping pong game is determined by

· The type of material

· Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor game

A metallic material, of course, produces a louder sound when hit by a ball, it is also accompanied with echo. In as much as the tabletop is lined with a rubber lining. The underneath can be mad from metal or wood. A wooden material has a loud sound with less echo.

When playing ping pong in an enclosed room with no furniture. The sound will be louder and deeper because furniture tends to absorb sound, at the same time, there is no circulation of the wind which affects the sound movement.

An outdoor ping pong game has lesser sound because of interference with the wind and moving air. In fact, when it is too windy you cannot even get the sound which further affects the direction of the ball despite the force at which you hit the ball. Ping pong trainers can tell the force you apply based on the sound you produces after hitting and the sound of the ball while on impact.