It is very common to lose music players, with PDAs and cell phones getting flushed away in the toilet. The rising number of such instances has made people be very wary about using their technological gadgets in the toilets.

With advancing technology, the market is flooded with high-end toilets that come with amazing features. We now have toilets with wireless sensors as well as remote controls and built-in accessories like lighting and music playing.
Don’t Let Others Hear Your Jolly Tinkle
After successfully controlling your natural urge for a long time, it is only natural to stay in the loo for a long time, with associated noise being heard far and loud.
If you wish to cover up these embarrassing noises, you can go for the toilet’s top of the line that plays music when you are relieving yourself. These smart toilets not only take care of “smell” issues but also “sounds,” ensuring complete privacy for you [and entertainment as well].
High-tech Toilet Technology
With time, a lot has changed. Right from the simple squat toilets, we now have ultra-modern and “smart” toilets that greet you by opening their lid automatically as soon as you enter the washroom. Such a toilet also comes with a lot of controls that help you complete your daily ablutions without any worries. In fact, toilet time can easily become an enjoyable time for many who can use the calm and quiet of the place to think about the challenges coming their way and how they can counter-strategize.
End-users are fast embracing this technology which is now finding its way in a large number of homes. Different factors drive the design of the toilets. When going for luxury models, one can rest assured that the product will come with wireless remotes and sound cards. The sensors in the toilets allow users to give speech-activated commands.
Musical Toilets
There is no dearth of other manufacturers of the toilet that brings luxury models to your homes. An SD Card reader and built-in speakers allow the user to play the music of his choice while using the toilet. If a person spends a lot of time in the toilet, this feature is perfect for him. He can select music of his choice and relax while relieving himself in his personal cleansing unit.
Besides playing music, these toilets are also designed to open, flush and close automatically. The user can also control the temperature of the water spray, direction and pressure using a remote control. Some more features available in these ultra-luxurious toilets are seat heater, an air dryer, and deodorizer.
Many toilet manufacturing companies are now coming up with a range of luxury models with exciting features which makes people look forward to using them. Now, your daily ablutions are no longer a job that has to be done and flushed away as quickly as possible. You can, in fact, use this time for relaxation and begin your day on a pleasant note.
With technology developing in leaps and bounds, we can expect a lot more features to be added to the toilets in the coming time. You never know, you may even find yourself running your office from the toilet. It is better to match pace with the evolving technology to get benefitted from the same.
If looking for a luxury product, visit a renowned and reputed toilet manufactures that promises an extensive range of options that are ideally suited to your luxurious abode.